Peat the Easternmost Parrot

PEAT is a blue faced Amazon. We adopted PEAT in April, 2009 from a local vet who specializes in parrots. The veterinarian had ASHES, an African Gray, as one of her patients when I had owned and operated Randall's Ordinary. I always have enjoyed parrots, particularly the talkers.Peat with Grand Manan in the Backdrop When I went to the Vet's office for advice, Peat was in residence, undergoing some R & R after being given up for adoption by a caring owner.

I first saw PEAT in February. As it may take up to 3-4 years to determine a parrot's gender, PEAT was named before finding "he" is a "she". She had just arrived in January and was still waiting for several test results [all came back fine!]. Her previous owner had been with her since she was a chick and now was no longer able to keep her. PEAT had suffered a broken right wing and is no longer able to fly or glide. PEAT is now 17 - her life expectancy is the same as a human.

After several day trips, PEAT traveled 8 hours to her summer home at West Quoddy Station. She's a great traveler and loves to stand on her travel cage while going down the road. An observant traveler, she squawks out all the birds she sees [good eyes!].Peat with Kathy She rests at all rest stops, eats and drinks well. She stays with us in the Office in her new green cage. She's a good hostess and loves to vist with guests. Later in July, PEAT returned to Maine for a week of fishing. She met Kurt and Kathy Cressy at the Pine tree Store in Grand Lake Store. From GLS she bumped down the logging road for 15 miles to The Pines. Steve and Nancy, owners, were suprised to see PEAT as she hadn't made a resevation. PEAT's cage was set right in the front window of Point Camp [best view!]. She came out on the porch to watch hard fought Scrabble games.

She's going back to stay at WQS September 9 to see the new windmill. Richard will take care of her while we visit Grand Manan for the first time.

Additional Peat Photographs
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Peat Indoors

Peat at the Pines, Point Camp 2009

Peat at the Pines, Point Camp 2009

Peat Truckin'

Peat's Sign at the Pines, Point Camp 2009


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