The Windmill

2.3 KWPH WindmillIn August 2009 West Quoddy Station erected a new 45' Skystream 3.7 Windmill with a maxmimum output of 2.3 KW per Hour. Each of the 3 carbon fiber blades are 3.7' long with an overall 6' radius. The Windmill was sold and erected by Norbert Lemieux of Cutler, Maine. Digging, forming and pouring the foundation took a day and a half. After 2+ weeks of curing, the wind generator was raised in half a day. The windmill generated approximately 6KW per day in September. October and the winter promises much higher generation rates as the seasonal winds increase. The windmill delivers AC directly to the (Bangor Hydro) grid and gives 100% credit to West Quoddy Station.


August 20th to the 21st

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Foundation Framing

Foundation Being Poured

Foundation Being Finished Up

Finished Foundation

Windmill's Erection

September 4th to the 5th

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Attaching the Wind Prop to the Tower

Putting Guidlines on to Lift the Tower into Place

Getting Ready to Lift Windmill into Place

Lifting Windmill into Place

Windmill in Place

Windmill Fully Operational


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Features The Quoddy Room for weddings and functions, Quoddy Store, reception and Office.


A private unit built as a 1849 Cape Cod lifesaving building is now available for rental now with 2 queen beds, gally kitchen and all.
WQS amenities. Fine views.


Effective June 1, 2009 a PASSPORT BOOK or PASSPORT CARD will be required to cross between the USA and CANADA.

[Lubec, Maine - Campobello, New Brunswick].

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Effective November 16, 2009 on Rt.1 above Milltown.
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Quoddy Head Station - Best Coast Guard Rescue

Credit Bill Clark for rescuing the abandoned and deteriorating Quoddy Head Life-Saving Station, located within walking distance of the historic candy-striped West Quoddy Light.

The bluff top, ocean-view property now accommodates guests in an overnight cabin, four-apartment lodge, and four-bedroom Station House.